Mechanical Pipette “JSGW” – Precision with Dual Stopcocks


Discover the versatility and precision of our Mechanical Pipette “JSGW.” This pipette is meticulously designed for laboratory and research use, featuring two stopcocks that allow for precise and controlled liquid handling.

🔬 Laboratory Essential: Ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications, this pipette ensures dependable and accurate liquid transfer.

🧪 Dual Stopcocks: The inclusion of two stopcocks provides enhanced control over liquid aspiration and dispensing, making it versatile for various tasks.

📐 Minimum Volume: This mechanical pipette has a minimum volume requirement, making it suitable for tasks that demand precision with small liquid volumes.

🩹 JSGW Certified: The “JSGW” mark on the pipette assures you of quality and precision, meeting rigorous standards for laboratory instruments.

Whether you’re in a medical, chemical, or research laboratory, our Mechanical Pipette “JSGW” with dual stopcocks is a valuable tool for precise liquid handling. With the added convenience and control of two stopcocks, it’s an excellent choice for tasks that demand accuracy and versatility.

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10ML, 20ML, 25ML


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Additional information


10ML, 20ML, 25ML

Explore our Mechanical Pipette “JSGW” featuring dual stopcocks for precise and versatile liquid handling in laboratory and research applications.

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