Advanced Trauma Simulator


Advanced Trauma Simulator

Washing, disinfection, hemostasia, enswathement etc.
Open fracture, truncation trauma.

Features of Advance trauma manikin:

  • Facial burn: I, II, III degree.
  • Laceration in forehead.
  • The wound in jaw.
  • Opened clavicular fracture and contusion wound on the chest.
  • The wound in abdomen with small intension evisceration.
  • Opened humerous fracture of right upper arm.
  • Opened fracture of right hand (including parenchyma laceration, fracture and bone tissue exposure).
  • Gun wound in the right palm.
  • Opened fracture of right thighbone.
  • Compound femur fracture of left thigh.
  • Metal pricking wound in right thigh.
  • Opened tibia fracture of right leg.
  • Opened fracture of right foot with truncating trauma on small phalanx.
  • Burns in left forearm: I, II, III degree.
  • Truncating trauma on left thigh.
  • Closed tibia fracture of right leg and contusion wounds in left ankle and foot.

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