Visible Expectant Mother Anatomy Kit


Visible Expectant Mother Anatomy Kit

  • Size 55 cm.
  • Dissectable in 48 pieces.
  • Detailed instruction manual included.
  • This visible anatomy model realistically shows the important parts of human body. Learn how body works by taking the model apart and see how the different organs work together to keep us alive and healthy.
  • Everything in a body is there for a reason. From skin to heart to fingerprints.
  • Some of the body parts are organs, like stomach, brain or heart. They do specific things to keep human alive.
  • To explore the model, open it by removing the front outer plastic “skin”. Next remove the front of the rib cage.
  • Now you can remove the organs one at a time. Notice how the organs connect to each other and fit in the body.
  • After you have taken all the organs out, follow the illustrations to put your model back together.

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